Sui Suinian


Long time no three Baoma Sui Suinian last night suddenly wanted to write this on a whim
A few days ago to see Lu 10:00 Questions autumn away lawyer wrote a po file “a hot second wife” in
I think the writing is very interesting, I do not know of her husband in a few
Interested friends can click through this “Post” look
The first point with the third point, it should be the most evocative (please give husband had the red ridge)

Our family of white mesh uncle who most often annoys my words: Do not you think you fat yet?
Ms. Lu is such humor under annotated
Do not you think you are retarded it?
In addition to the already lean physique, the old people, fat metabolism will decrease,
Not to mention she was pregnant too, is a normal fat, fat is not very hard.
You are giving how much money to let her go to the gym to see the guy?
Or you just want her chest fat and other very thin?
Why do not you Jerry?

Personally, I think Jerry Fortunately, it should say: Why do you not Beckham?
Multi-gold and handsome, and charming bar physique!